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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Please read the following questions and if you do not find your answer, ask your question, we will answer you as soon as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have you ever carried a vehicle or cargo by sea?

    Yes, it was a pallet and not a container

    Very well we are able to send any cargo and customs clearance of Bandar Abbas and Bandar Sultan Qaboos Muscat Oman

    Have you ever exported to Oman? And if so, did you obtain the necessary permits to export from Iran and import permits to Oman yourself?

    Yes, we have exported, sometimes we have obtained our own license and sometimes by a company based in Oman

    With your coordination, our company is able to obtain export licenses from Iran and import licenses in Oman

    Do you live in Oman? And if you are a resident, have you ever brought your personal car to Iran for a short time?

    Yes, we are residents, but so far we have no information about the reason for sending and the conditions for leaving Oman and entering Iran

    Our company with high work experience will do everything to send your car to Iran with a temporary license plate, and you do not need to do anything and only receive it in Iran, and after the deadline, it will be delivered again to our shipping representative in Bandar Abbas. Give and receive in Oman
    You do not need to go to Bandar Abbas to transfer. We will pick up and deliver your car anywhere in Iran and Oman.

    Did the company that sent your cargo to Oman have a private ship? Or has he participated in Oman?

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    Are you a trader and exporter?

    Yes, we do business in building materials

    Our company for your loads such as tiles, ceramics, stone, plaster, cement, brick, bitumen, isogum and …. Moves in pallets, jumbo bags, containers and bulk in any way you want

    Are you an international shipping company?

    Yes, we are an international transportation company and most of our customers’ exports and shipments are to the Persian Gulf.

    Our company is ready to sign contracts with international transport companies in the field of freight from Iran to Oman and even the UAE.
    If you have a charter load, we will deliver it to your destination in the shortest time after signing the contract

    Despite exporting to Oman, do you want to invest in Oman?

    Yes, by the way, we were looking to have an office to better sell and market our product in Oman, but we certainly did not find a company to start it.

    Our company with a successful and confident team
    It will do all the setup steps with your presence for you or your company in the shortest time and in the best way

    Do you have a store in Oman that you want to take the raw materials for sale in your store from Iran and use the Iranian product in your store?

    Yes, we have a dried fruit shop and a coffee shop that we have to use all the Iranian products that are reasonably priced in Iran, and if it is done in a timely and appropriate place, it will be very good.

    If you have products and materials for your store from anywhere in Iran, we will deliver them to you in the shortest time and deliver them to your store.

    Do you live in Oman and want to send your household items from Iran to Oman to live in Oman?

    Yes, we are resident and we want to move the equipment, but the time and cost of moving is important

    Our company will deliver your goods to you anywhere in Oman without intermediaries from anywhere in Iran in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.