Soon launching sea line Passenger Between Iran( Bandar Abbas port ) and Oman ( shinas port)

By Anwarm Al-Alam Al-Asriya Company (Sultanate of oman) will be done


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travel by ship

travel by ship from iran to oman and Oman to Iran

Health Tourism

Health and beauty services just for omanis in iran


Visiting Iran and Oman tourism regions

Our services to Iranians in Oman

Travel packages and special services to Iranians living in Oman

Our services to Omani people in Iran

Travel packages and special services to Omani living in Iran

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The company has a passenger and cargo shipping line between port Bandar Abbas (Iran) and port Shenas (Oman) and a private ship to carry cargo between Iran and Oman.
Anwar Al-Alam Al-Asriya Company in passenger and freight services has a reasonable price and quality services.

What are our capabilities?

Perform all servicesPassenger


Passenger transportation from Bandar Abbas to Bandar Shanas and vice versa

  • Passenger transportation by shipFrom bandar Abbas port to shinas port (Round Trip)
  • Passenger transportation by busTransportation from Muscat to Shinas port (Round Trip)
  • Sea freight transportFrom Iran to Oman (Round Trip)
  • hotel reservationReserve stylish hotels in the best parts of Iran and Oman
  • Health TouristProviding all medical and beauty services in the best hospitals and clinics
  • Buy and sell shipsBuyer of all types of cargo and passenger ships
  • ClearanceFrom port Bandar Abbas, Iran and delivery to anywhere in Oman
  • Car transportCarrying a personal car of Iranians living in Oman and delivery anywhere from Iran with a temporary license plate

Sale of all types of ships (cargo and passenger ships and containers)


Anwar Al-Alam Al-Asriya Company is ready to buy and sell all kinds of ships and the necessary cooperation is done.

Types of ships:

Passenger ship

Cargo ship

Container ship

The amazing benefits of our company

Order registration steps


You can make a call through WhatsApp 0096879422597 You can register your order. We will review and send you the answer.

The order of export and clearance of your goods from Iran (Bandar Abbas) to Oman and import and clearance of your goods from Oman (Bandar Shanas) will be done after registering your order.

If the exporter or importer is unable to obtain some permits and documentation, we will provide assistance if possible.

Anwar Al-Alam Al-Asriya Co. Sh.M. tries to offer the lowest price and the best services to our dear customers.

Anwar Al-Alam Al-Asriya Company is able to set reasonable prices and quality services due to owning a private ship and shipping in Oman.

Loading from any point of Iran and delivery of your cargo by our representative in Bandar Abbas and unloading of your cargo in Oman (Bandar Shanas) can be done by our company.

Container, bulk and pallet delivery is possible.

Anwar Al-Alam Al-Asriya Company is able to transfer money from Iran to Oman and vice versa. However, you can deposit your goods in Omani Rials or company account in Oman or pay the shipping cost in Iran to the Iranian account in Iranian Rials.

All commercial services, including the export and import of all goods from Iran to Oman and vice versa are performed by our company.

Clearance services from Bandar Abbas Iran when exporting your goods and clearance services when importing to Oman and vice versa by our company is possible.

Shipping service of your goods after clearance from Shenas port (Oman) and delivery anywhere in Oman

All port services and domestic transportation of your goods will be done by our company.

Anwar Al-Alam Al-Asriya Company, with its powerful and experienced team, is able to deliver your goods anywhere in Oman. After clearing your goods in the port of Shanas, Oman, according to your order, we will send the goods to any place in Oman that you order. Also: personal car delivery to people living in Oman in case of temporary transfer to Iran will be done by the company.

All port services in Oman (Shanas port) are possible by Anwar Al-Alam Al-Asriya Company and clearance services. Transportation services Port services, including container transportation and rental are possible.

After your order to transport the goods and perform the clearance steps, you can receive your goods anywhere in Oman and Iran.



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